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    с 1 июля перестало запускать варкрафт после запуска Gproxy
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    Update: Farm rule: Until creeps spawn, 3 players for 3 neutral creeps spots = 1 group. 2 players for 2 neutral creeps spots = second group. Who come first will take the spot. Who try 4+1, must be informed/warned and if not listen the rule, then kick with ban. Since there is a spell that crash the map I will add a new rule: - Crashing map leads to 5 days ban. The rule applies until a new version of the map will be released. Option for admins, kick the fake accounts: When play a game and a player has less than 100 300 games but he is very skilled (lot of kills with smart build) then can be kicked! And even banned. Note. At the beginning of the month all skills are reset to 3.00. The rule is NOT applied in the first 3 days of the month
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    Есть админы которые думают что они лучше всех и им все можно и дают бан по окончании игры и не понимаешь как так и почему бан!maryusake91 super idiot admins ... Причем у меня с выше 4к игр и посчитал что я ему не угодил в игре и решил за банить лишь после того как все решили прописать фф! Я не могу добавить файл скрин так как пишут что больше 230кб. Не могу добавить ((((((
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    @styla Yes it seems frost cage has a small chance of crashing the map for everyone. Seems to be linked to invulnerability, ie Yurnero ulti cast on it? Worth looking into fixing ASAP as 1) it's a great skill and 2) there will be a lot of players on here that simply do not know it's now banned til further notice. So they will take it then people with itchy trigger fingers like marysuke will ban then without explaining first. Ie, that's a good point. Maybe tell marysuke who likes to ban people for looking at him the wrong way that you CANNOT ban someone for taking the skill as they may not know, you first need to warn them its a banned skill and if they use it they will then get banned.
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