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  1. eco

    autormk abuse

    u got some points , i close gproxy sometimes when no point in playing so ye....balance is between us somewhere...sry if i (still)get angry sometimes...im made mainly of gama radioation like infinity stones so y im like raging fire
  2. eco

    autormk abuse

    whatever any of us post here should have only one purpose , not attacking one or the other , but improving overall all of us gaming experience and fairness ...
  3. eco

    autormk abuse

    well , im still here cuz i was unbaned , else i would filled my delete account request by now ....we had blood charge we were killing u like a machine gun....maybe is a nuance here not abuse but taking advantage of autormk....still if u had a bit of honor u would ff
  4. k , i have time now , so here it is....today i had last game dont know the game number or shit like that where i did my best , ofc we were losing i had 0-6 had necro sniper and our blue ursa was angry hes losing , keep pinging everybody than at the end he was pinging just me cuz i stay base area near where creeps start to avoid feed , all lanes were lost and we all die on sight he just didnt ff cuz he was so smart and good combo ursa aba...so i bet he reported me and one admin seeing eco ofc ban straight away...as i had a shistory of afk base destroy items flaming leaving as admin , bla bla...all true except one little tiny thing ...i didnt do shit this fuking game so im fuking tired of being targeted by angry players or admins who dont give a fuck about the facts ,they just see eco and ye hes guilty....guilty my fuking ass , i lost my patience 100 years ago....so as a result my dear friends i asked kindly styla to unban me or delete all my accounts starting with eco.....i dont need stress or crap , i play for enjoynment and yes i did stupid bannable crazy things in the past , thats an absolute truth , but im sorry to tell you people change , players too...losing sucks in a game , even worst is when you have very good /perfect combo and still lose that hurt as fuk , i know....and some people just dont give up even when last throne tower falls....keeping other players in a long lost game , thats fuking antigame too....i cant leave , i cant feed anymore so i must wait cuz some idiot with good spells defends even when throne is left with 1 hp....so ye imba became kinda source of stress almost more than a source of fun....and when finnaly today i was banned based on a report on a angry player who lost with good combo without doing nothing antigame , not destroying items , not afk , was trying my best , slark enemy was admin forgot name was killing us right out of base all at once he had cent slark and stun....so thats it.....i get unban and admins stop ban me on sight cuz i play careful now to avoid bans and look into it a bit before ban me based on idiots reports or have a lovely day my dear fellows and im out forever !!! (to those who read till end , lot of love )
  5. just finished a game where mercury and senzatie were enemies...they kicked 3 players one by one until autormk even was min 4 so they could ff .....end autormk shit please so let rats who cant take a defeat just fuking leave
  6. hes losing like a rat and hes kicking one of my member who keep hooking them , after he check his alliases and the guy didnt had any other account , hulk say is fake with 200 games....my ass is fake....the guy can learn from lod or normal imba as he was hooking mostly....this bot became a real shyt....is loads of nabs who ruin games or admins abuse
  7. use gproxy ...few errors abt win 32/86 bits ver....than start...all look good but cant join games....replaced curl from link , no more errors at start but still cant join.....reinstalled vredist 86 and replace all original w3 dll files from link....start looks good all normal but i still cant join any game
  9. leavers should be not banned , if a player leave im happy he give up i beat him , why ban , should be free game , ban should be just mh , antigame and so on but no leaving . leaving is a free choice of every player , give him that . release the players from the prison " i cant leave cuz i get banned " . no more rage , flaming , wasting time afk or unplug your net connection just simply use your natural right to leave game as a kind of early or unipersonal "FF" . please all who read this leave a comment and a final sugestion for Styla :why not try for a while no ban leaving see how it is . thanks
  10. copy invis keep blocking me when i chased furion get me killed and no atacking enemy....so thats why i baned him antigame....maybe not 100% deserved but is unbaned now so is ok....anyfuking way ill try no ban or kik no one just enjoy myself playing...thanks all for patience
  11. eco

    Admins rules

    y many new players unbulievable good playing ..
  12. eco

    Admins rules

    whenever teams are if autostart or me !start teams autobalance before game start so !balance is useles
  13. eco

    unban ECO pls

    i was autobaned yesterday . one of 2 possible reasons 1 . afk few seconds above limit before game end 2. had lag and i pressed disconect probable count as quit i dont know exactly for which i got banned . pls unban me i just started playing after almost one year break and im crazy for games...thanks
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