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Found 13 results

  1. These rules are valid for all players, including admins 1. Farm rules - Three players are farming spot with three neutral creeps. Group 1. - Two players are farming spot with two neutral creeps. Group 2. If you start farming spot with two neutral creeps (group 2), then you can no longer go and farm in group 1. You must stay farming in the group in which you started it. You can be kicked or banned after another player's appeal or notification from the moderator. Also, you cannot run through an already used area even if the path is shorter. Even if you did not kill the creep you can steal experience. If there is a player in the game who does not know this rule, he should be informed. If the player continues to break the rule after being informed he can be punished in the same way as indicated in the paragraph above. You can move through the forest and farm anywhere in the fifth minute, because at this time the enemy can enter your forest. 2. If a player is kicked or rage quits, you are NOT allowed to just take all the items for yourself without asking first. Ban 2-7 days Ask your team if you can have a specific item or team sell. Sometimes the other players will say that you can have it all because they have all they need. But you have to ask first. 3. If blue or pink are dropped after map load, then are legit to vote for a !rmk. 4. Only if teams score is like 30-5 for enemies, the player can stay afk without to be banned. (can be kicked by admin or vote kick by team) 5. Permanent Focus Fire is not allowed or witch doctor ultimate bug, ban 2 days. 6. Blocking the respawn area of the neutral creeps with ward or mines is not allowed, It's allowed only to enemy forest. ban 7 days. 7. DO NOT enter the game if you know that you can be interrupted by various factors such as: Boss, Wife, Dog, you have to leave the house in 15 minutes, and the examples can go on. Don't invoke these reasons for unban requests, it's your fault that you entered the game and left by ruin the game of the other 9 players. 8. It is forbidden to insult players or administrators. Ban for 2 days for insulting the player, 2-14 days for insulting the administrator, 7-14 days for insulting the parents of players or administrator. If you joked or freaked out, and a negative reaction followed, it is better to apologize for such a joke or your burnt ass, do not add kerosene to the fire. 9. It's forbidden to feed enemy team players, to report secretly or in global chat the location of your allies players or wards to enemy team, to teleport allies to base for fun. Ban for 2-7 days. 10. It is forbidden to spam in the game chat. You can be kicked from game if admin is in the game or banned for 1 day by moderator. 11. Do not cast multi gobins from Clock hero, 2 days ban. Note: Leaver kills aren't recorded to stats. Autobans by disconnect checker can't be deleted. It is allowed to destroy items of opposing players even if Axe "call" was used. Punishments for players: Leaving ( Rage ) = 2 day Flaming/Swearing = 2 days( or more !) Anti-Game = 2 days Items destroyed ( own or teammate)= 2-7 days.
  2. Мне выдали бан ЖДАЛ 3 ДНЯ админ АХЕ сказал что ждать еще 2 дня и бан дал админ но Ник админа не указан и Меня нет в бан листе прошу принять жалобу на администратора который меня забанил! По правилам я должен был получить бан в котором указана причина и ник админа который выдал бан! И почему меня нет в бан листе?(или это специально сделано было) удалили меня с бан листа что бы не было претензий в некомпетентности администрации! Жду рассмотрения Написал Главному Администратору Стайлу жду ответа от него! (кто именно меня забанил)
  3. В игре пишет что забанен! Но в бан листе меня нет или это ошибка сервера прошу помочь мне
  4. Здравствуйте, дорогие админы у меня были проблемы с интернетом и я делаю всё что смагу но играть то хочется вот поэтому щас я играю через мобильный интернет вот и бывают проблемы с вылетами. Спасибо за понимание.) Ник:oneskill Почти уже про.)
  5. Здравствуйте, я осознал свою ошибку пожалуйста разбанте меня карантин дома нечего делат как то убиваю время игрой имба. Спасибо вам за понимания Rahimov Shohjahon
  6. the entire other team quit so i thought it was ok to leave didnt know i would get banned for it.
  7. alexis peña


    Please uban me, i had to got out of the game in that moment. https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=68103
  8. http://xgm.guru/p/wc3/anti-maphack вот внеси в бот новый анти мапхак
  9. TIeuH


    Please ban him he he had picked ulti magnus and nevermore, we warmed him that its banned but he anyway went on using here link https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=64897
  10. Hello guys, I'm Sanandanan from India. I started playing DOTA recently, have played with bots only. Keeps getting rejected from lobbies due to lack of experience. I was wondering if there's any way for me to play with someone. Can't post anything public in steam as my account is not premium.
  11. Make stats STR/AGI/INT more beneficial for heroes - STR : boost HP regen, reduce skill cooldown -> most of the case the STR hero role is to tank and use skill to support - INT : boost magic spell damage and increase spell resistance -> it's impossible to play when Wind one shot another Int with just one Spire - AGI : gain the effect of critical strike of all time and each 10 agi add 1% of critical strike to the attack (stack with other crit spell) => Each point of stat increase the effect of ... by ... % --------------------------------------- Survival rule : INT > AGI > STR > INT - INT stronger than AGI : High spell damage kill low HP - AGI stronger STR : While STR has high HP, he cannot kill AGI because low damage against strong armor and bigger damage - STR stronger INT : High HP and regen make the spell become weak The only effect boosted is the class of hero (str/agi/int hero) ----------------------------------------- Effects - If a skill doesn't have imba effect and it's a damage spell, increase base spell damage by 2 - If a skill doesn't have imba effect and it's a status spell (silence), increase AoE by 3 and duration by 1 for each skill level - If run out of idea, simply add the spell damage according to the STR or INT if it's a spell of STR or INT hero - Spire: support more skills - Furion: remove the arrival teleport effect (2nd) and gain a short invisibility after arriving - Diffusal blade: gain the ability of removing all kind of buffs, including Refraction - Manta Style: now double the number of images and images gain damage reduction instead of damage taken - Assault Cuirass: reduce armor by 100% instead of 80% and increase slow aoe by 10% - Hood of Defiance: Increase the effect of magic resistance and for the upgraded item increase the damage it can sustain ------------------------------------------ - The last tower defense still too weak - Increase re-spawn rate, make a constant time from level 30 and above. The point of imba is to see which side is stronger. Not taking advantage of enemy who take 1min30 to respawn to destroy tree to win. - Make Tree eyes a different shape, more visible in Scourge, because it makes eyes explodes when searching for it compare to Sentinel (need to make both side balance) - Able to repick bonus Buff - More item, upgraded item like in LoD in fountain
  12. Register on either of the following Realms: Playground.ru bnet.it-ground.net bnet.kyohk.net If you use it-ground, you will have to first create a new account on battle.net. Verify your email Update your GProxy with the following information Username, Password, Server, Version (see pic) Remove the # tag from the start of the command line of the server you are using. Downgrade Warcraft 3 to version 1.26 if running 1.27 Connect and Play
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