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  1. TIeuH


    Guys why u fgp everyone, soon there will be no one to play
  2. I asked this because now I’m in game club
  3. Serb, can you unban nick spb..yaphets? This shit left the game, we have same IP. I can’t join because of him, thks
  4. I’m playing here more than 5 years, and when noname admin like Silvie bans me without any reason what should I say?
  5. Styla, you should allow to pick range hero with riki’s ultimate. Many times I took windrunner or pugna with riki invis. I couldn’t pick the same hero because of aganim. You should to fix it
  6. TIeuH


    Styla, can you unban me. I got banned for Unreakfogclickwatcher, lol,
  7. Axe's passive is too imba allow ro pick range hero with stels assasin, leoric and abbas' ulties ( in one game my opponent had picked intelligence skills with riki' s ulti but he can't choose range hero intelligence because he didn't have melee hero) . My favorite combo skills ( greed ulti with nether toxin) I can't pick them =(. what about Rosh, why its not dies on bm. Ex. You have reached 30 lvl and you want to kill him but you can't ( he always casts). But passive necro skill at 4 lvl can kill him. It's not fair. I mean when you kill Rosh with bm you will pay for it with your life ( except Leo and omni)
  8. TIeuH

    New map changes

    Also, passive spectre (3rd skill) and ulti fenix not work, I tested in 3 separate games
  9. TIeuH


    Then, where the new rules to check
  10. TIeuH


    Please ban him he he had picked ulti magnus and nevermore, we warmed him that its banned but he anyway went on using here link https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=64897
  11. just want to test the new heroes (offline) but always fatal error, its protect?
  12. Yes after 5-8 minutes heroes are clickable again but most peoples leave before it
  13. blue slot cant pick spells for 8 minuts due to heroes are not clikable
  14. here Styla https://ingame.ro/openstats/?game=60834
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