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  1. funny, i saved one time and it didnt even complete saving before i got kicked...
  2. i have addition to this, ady_dota deserves to be banned himself. I've just played a game and he talks trash, threatens with ban everytime when he is not right and cant prove it wrong! We were playing and he started to write that im anti, despite that i told him slardars essence worked on me, but slardar left and we ended up bringing leaver to rosh and test me and guess what? i was NOT anti. Soni4 was in the game as well, he saw and he was in the same team with ady_dota. But he(ady) kept saying im anti and his lifestael is not working, and i told him i have craggy, he needs to be able to hit me through in order to steal life. Long story short, im banned just because he couldnt win the game, kicked/banned meand won the game i would guess! Fair game by admin? I dont know how old is he but he clearly dont understand what "admin" stands for and whats the duty! He thinks its a privilege against others and he can do whatever he wants!
  3. @KGZ.Relax Please provide a link to a game/screenshot as well as replay. requesting to ban kemoceng for keeping to play anti hero, even after we asked him to go back, he kept pushing and finished the game. IElite tried really hard, but since there was no admin, votekick was unsuccessful! he even told him that he might get perma ban but he didnt care... Abusing rules and taking advantage of it while no admin was present. Posting this request on behalf oh ielite...
  4. need to be unbanned pls. New map keeps freezing on 4th min. 4 times in a row today. I waited like 10 min and ofcourse quit the whole wc. Didnt have any other choice and got banned....
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