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  1. One year is too much, but few months seems good to me. Also looking at the ip range momon is using, he will just play with a different account and ip To be honest I was wondering like 50 times, if he uses a maphack, Hulk said the same, but he wasn't caught till now. One thing I am sure at: If some nubish player, becomes really good just in a month - this is an indication for a regular mh check. Voodoo: "a month of ban and zeroing of all statistics, I think it will be fair.for repeated 3 months of ban and so on" I like this one too
  2. Its time to read game rules. Check here: I warned you at least 3 times in 3 different games. Try to follow the rules of the game. Btw I banned you becuase of ruinning 3x2 rules and kicked you because of your bad language. Here is the game replay: https://www.ingame.ro/resources/replays/257746.w3g I banned you once for the same reason and removed the ban, because I was expecting that you will read the game rules. Do it this time.
  3. phaselis, when you post accuses like this one, please point the game, or attach a replay. https://www.ingame.ro/index.php?/Stats/RecentGames/&do=single&id=246777 The first thing you do is to ruin 3x2 rule.
  4. Is there anyone playing this tower defence? Can you share you strategies? My main race is darkness for now and it seems it to be very powerful. Which are the best towers in other races, which is the best combo for you? Here is my 240 lvls medium difficulty replay with darkness and some ice https://gofile.io/d/cfyN60
  5. 17:23[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: Imba_Godi am drunken noob 17:23[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: thenightmare95mines ? 17:24[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: quake333mines 17:26[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: quake333y 17:29[All]: phaselisnot only noob 17:32[All]: phaselishard noob 17:36imba_godkilledbrekbons 17:48[All]: Imba_GodoO 17:50[All]: Imba_Godmh 17:57[All]: ]tramp[ahah 18:06[Allies] [SENTINEL ]: Imba_Godhe seen our chat You are banned, because you are using a maphack. On the attached game chat you are answering to Imba_God, but you should not be ables to see enemies chat. I will try to extend the ban.
  6. "bulshit lie,of items stealing,i got the replay witch confirm i did not." I believe that its perfectly visible how you steal an item and who is the liar. The replay also show that I tried to ban you for 5 days
  7. There were few unbans in the past, where the banned one was deserving a ban for sure. I bring to your attention a new unban request: https://ingame.ro/Stats/Appeal/View/742/ I'm attaching the replay where in 18.10 game time, the user steals an item from a leaver and sells it, all the game time he shows bad manners and later goes afk in order to ruin the game. Before removing the ban, please watch the replay. Thanks! LastReplaySoul.w3g
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