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  1. Could I have the ban on Minga lifted please? Further details of the event can be read in this post https://ingame.ro/index.php?/topic/34-ban-lift-please-minga/ Thank you for the consideration
  2. Id like to request a lift of the ban Crown^^ imposed on me this evening. The reason for the ban was that he claimed I used a combination of call and tree roots unfairly which I duly stopped using once I realized it was a broken combo. I also stayed out of any combat situations and only farmed creeps (my kill stats were 1 kill and 2 assists) until my team were destroying the sentinel main building (center tree) where I only used the roots again right at the end. Whether the hotkey R triggered a broken combo or not I cannot say because I was immediately kicked and banned straight after. I spoke to crown^^ in /w afterwards stating my position but I was told he would not be flexible on the matter. Thank you for the consideration
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