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Getting admin on the IMBALOD host bot


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To survive as a community, support is needed. Unfortunately after 8 years, I can no longer provide free admin and maybe in that way we can save the community.


Admin: 10 euro/month. Acces to kick, swap, deny, start, open, close, mute, muteall, os, no (country). 

              6 euro/14 days.

Super Admin: 15 euro/month. Regular admin + ban access + !unmute access


Reserved      Free. Players with Gproxy are auto reserved.


Stats reset for current month (K,D,A) with leaves to 0  - 3 euro

Delete all player clones and then can create a new clean account - 5 euro

Unban 5 charges - 3 euro.


Private host bot- 10 euro/month.


Donation link:   Make Donation - ingame.ro   crypto is accepted


  • Admin requirements: min. 100 games or must be a know pro player.





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