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maphack suspect VIN_FRY


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Styla plz check replay IMBALOD 973  DATE 08.02.2018 , he ported and  used axe enhance skill while i was invisible and with no wards ported few times to spot where u couldnt without ward or vision so watch replay and if u dont ban atleast force to use gproxy , cause this game he didnt use so MAPHACK SUSPECT!!!

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Hahaha this FGP not works only for 1 match, i realized after he got forced used it on 1 match - he didnt rule or anything, after that match he disapired from gproxy chat he was again on the normal warcraf what i supose have MH integrated, so he probably have 2 warcrafts it's so simple if u fgp him he use on 1 match after he can come b to normal, so my opinion is that who is forced to use gproxy should be forced for ever. I mean host  should remember name and autocast FGP everytime he join.

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I post lat match 60 killz 3 death with 0 noob players on enemy team:)) was testin hes movement with wards so plz watch replay and if no wards on him ban him or atleast change fgp command for everytime forceing,



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Just watch replay i put wards to check hes movement:) he was goin for players who was solo in begin when he got no items in the woods and prob no wards cause he never put .I didnt really play on this match to see what he do.

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hello all Test map hacked

VIN_FRY FOr  No Vision no clicled 

TEST Mana reg and hp Reg  Yes hack 

vin_fry thx post forum 

my game Ady_Imba printscreen test screenshot_321.jpg




and 2 


PSI Styla .... am zis esti minte ai termint Ingamero BOT auto Map hacked KICK ... uite poza acolo ce heal si mana reg ce faci rusine tie 

mai munca ingamero update a fost munca garena romania 8 ani am facut Post replay and printscreen munca map hack  INTREBARI ! 

Va multumesc

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On 11.02.2018 at 5:35 PM, flyingangel said:

@styla should we make it official about the scan feature?



@[IIIypuk] agree


@Ady_Imba Is  allowed and you can use too

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