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  1. styla

    cant join

    why you try to join with fake account? New accounts with high skill are auto rejected.
  2. styla


    now all good.
  3. Hi, whats going on with yours vips? I've got ban for nothing. DreamSeeka, that kind of girls, just banned me for more than 1 week) Pls find out whats going on. All admins and players know me (ask arxangel). Thtank you. P.s wh1t3_l1f3

  4. styla

    Map rules

    Zavurbec, ysocerall and mariusake92 know 100% what is about, probably more.
  5. styla

    Map rules

    Update: Farm rule: Until creeps spawn, 3 players for 3 neutral creeps spots = 1 group. 2 players for 2 neutral creeps spots = second group. Who come first will take the spot. Who try 4+1, must be informed/warned and if not listen the rule, then kick with ban. Since there is a spell that crash the map I will add a new rule: - Crashing map leads to 5 days ban. The rule applies until a new version of the map will be released. Option for admins, kick the fake accounts: When play a game and a player has less than 100 300 games but he is very skilled (lot of kills with smart build) then can be kicked! And even banned. Note. At the beginning of the month all skills are reset to 3.00. The rule is NOT applied in the first 3 days of the month
  6. styla

    socket error

    daca mai ai problem asta o sa intru remote sa vad ce se intampla.
  7. Please HELP me. I go INTO the game imbu seconds 2-3 and throws, not in the bath sometimes bottom kakayato inscription in English yellow and then green letters, do not have time to read. WHAT THE FUCK CAN BE AND WHAT TO DO WITH IT? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN.


  8. nngv

    on 24/05/2020  megumi left the game 6 times ruined its normal?

    1. nngv


      sorry 7 times)

  9. nngv


    in 1 day, megumi left the game 6 times. he has played less than I have games and 40 games, he ruined it is a normal admin?

    статы мегуми.png

  10. nngv

    MeGuMi player is inadequate, he asked him to release crypts and men at least 1 year old, when he started calling me a screenshot, after which I forgot about it. how such an inadequate and toxic player is given an admin.

    megumi since he did not give me farm I laughed at home I said that I read on the forums that he was shit - he replies: 1 creature. 2 dick, 3 moron 4. cocksucker, 5 fucking 6 stupid creature and after all this I write to him that his mouth is a fucker and was banned

    unban me pls!!!

    действия мегуми.png


  11. Hello, The skill is made kills/deaths score. IF skill is less than 2.99 then will be auto fixed to 2.99. Wins and losses matter for the top players. But the skill is monthly, that's mean every new month is reset to 3. If you die less, your skill will be increases.
  12. 1)maryusake91


    3)killed 3 players for no reason, more than once violates the rules of administrators.
    players are asked to take action on the Russian forum.

    I created a topic on the forum where players can complain about administrators, here is a link to it.
    It was created specifically for Russian players, since they don’t have the opportunity to write to you for clarification, I will translate and discard their complaints to you. If you do not mind.

    if you can send the answer to me in PM, and I will publish it in the subject in Russian.

    1. Светлана Пырьева

      Светлана Пырьева

      Here this honey moon too
      Also declined my appeal right after it appeared on forum, so my guess for his ass yesterday is true
      Just kid wants to be chief of bot

  13. Both options are ON! now we have less fake accounts and less map hackers (shield ON). But less players...
  14. SSSA

    HI! your admin "ysocereal" are stupid little boy...

    banned due to the fact that he can not play!

    1. styla


      keep talking like that and he could ban you on forum...

      try to PM him and speak nicely

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