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    1. bro pls unban me

    2. şimdi leave 10 gözüküyor. ne oldu anlamıyorum. ama sorun bug

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      2. DDK256


        ayrılma hatası 10 düzelmemiş. haksız oyun atıyor. düzelt lütfen

      3. Ady_Imba




      4. DDK256


        Son2020-05-28 15:46:57. şimdi saat 18:36.. neden ban açılmadı.. unban???

    3. s10dajyapar hesabını sıfırla..leave 15 gözüküyor oyuna giremiyorum. leave yok. 

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      2. TC Devrim Deniz

        TC Devrim Deniz buda ıp olabilir

      3. DDK256


        niye ban yedim. ne yaptım.

      4. TC Devrim Deniz

        TC Devrim Deniz

        s10dajyapar hesabı niye banlı????

    4. ok unban says ady then
    5. Please say that you understand my name ady Dont unban I can't be sorry. Goodbye
    6. You hear we're talking about 2-year-olds game say hello alup
    7. playback server open say Hey alup you talk too much, reclame a total of 67 pcs I speak my girlfriend Alexandra I say alup you are gay You are very ashamed Some are silent out of wisdom, others are silent out of stupidity. Either way, their silence speaks I understand one day in the evening shame
    8. NEW Warcraft® III: Reforged 



    9. Abuse Report nick : c0urage Reson Bug hero pick trendy163 are win ! please rmk not ? 3 vs 5 0 minute ? Replay : https://ingame.ro/Stats/RecentGames/?do=single&id=182852 End type !ff stupid c0urage beggars 06:29c0urage : ne me zanimavai 06:42Ady_Imba : game 3 vs 5 06:45c0urage : nmz 06:46Ady_Imba : bug hero pick 06:49Ady_Imba : ok to report 06:52c0urage : o 06:54c0urage : ok 06:57c0urage : report
    10. you are wrong c0urage Contra .... wait help styla , fr1ed0m , borncancer and serb.arxangel
    11. 24:00 Bot[ANTI-AFK] Player [wh1t3_l1f3] has been marked as AFK. Autokick will occur in 2 minutes. 24:10 BotBan reason: after 23m in "I_M_B_A #19" 3v3* on (04:24:17 PM Saturday 19-October-2019 ) From: ingame | UA" 24:10 BotPlayer [wh1t3_l1f3 ] was banned by player [c0urage] for the next [2] days.
    12. BANNED wh1t3_l1f3 Reason:after 23m in "I_M_B_A #19" 3v3* on (04:24:17 PM Saturday 19-October-2019 ) From: ingame | UA" Banned by: c0urage Date:19.10.2019, 16:24 Expires:21.10.2019, 16:24 22 h, 18 min remain
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