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  1. hi please unban in discord i cant join

    1. Ada Wong

      Ada Wong

      my account: Ada Wong#8641

    2. Ada Wong
  2. All admins need to be on Discord https://discord.gg/DAr7MW8e when you get in Pm me
  3. no need to send me i got it ...and you started flaming first now be nice and dont lie .....w8 till ban expire then play and dont flame next time
  4. In Chat Write !createcfg <mapname> you need to write exact name like in your wc3 map folder..after that the cfg file will show in Client mapcfgs folder
  5. Здраво, можеш ли да одузмеш налог форума?

  6. All admins need to join Discord .Here is the link https://discord.gg/sJpYxjd7Up and when you join contact me to put you in admin chanel..you have 10 days after that who didnt join gets punished. YOU SENT AN INVITE TO JOIN A SERVER ingamero 7 Online337 Members Joined [11:15 PM]
  7. меня бот банит за 2 файла  Mss32.dll ,  ijl15.dll  а без этих двух файлов не запускаеца варик совсем  

    не поможеш решить проблему

    1. serb.arxangel


      english write ... :)


  8. how swap ? in loby or in game ?
  9. разбань пожалуйста,это было так я зашел в игру потом в умбу немного подождал некто не зашел AUTOBAN



  10. its easy 2/3 and thats it....before min 5 wher you start stay ther ...or risk kick/ban...your chice
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