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Players abuses.


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Report administrators ozealat game leaver wind not alowed ! wind skill necro and furion game 2 vs 2  !

so adminis are way cuidate ozealat  /disagreeI do not understand

33:56Bot [ANTIFARM] Player [Ady_Dota] killed already [3] leavers, the stats wont be recorded anymore.

13:45ozealat am i anti:D

20:23ozealat no ur name is moron

20:26Ady_Dota report chat

20:30Ady_Dota My name ady
54:33Ady_Dota You are Retard LEAVER FEED HIM
54:42ozealat !mute ady
54:42Bot Player [Ady_Dota] has been muted.
p.s.i voteaza yes     reson : OUT ADMINISTORIS ozealat
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  • 4 weeks later...

hi Ady_dota. Could you please give us more information in regards to your complaint as in its current form I have no idea what your complaining about. If I would have to guess it would have been for ozealat leaving but he clearly left after the game finished.

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[y]TbIPOK = imba_god1 User game
16:43[y]TbIPOK lol
16:46[y]TbIPOK suicider
23:35Ady_dota riki afk
23:40[y]TbIPOK no
23:46Ady_dota yes baza wait
23:51[y]TbIPOK i watch the game
[y]TbIPOK and post how i fucked u
25:25[y]TbIPOK i wrote ff early u not wanted
25:32[y]TbIPOK but now im not wanted
25:37[y]TbIPOK want*

28:39[y]TbIPOK touch my penis


P.S.I style

deci nu am inteleg jucam riki pt tbipok afk uite jucam baza asa ?

si ala vorbeste urat mult 75 % e povesti sex asa



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  • 1 month later...

Like games report zerith moderators

Leaver game Farm 2graurii ck 173 ! game 1 vs 2 I said stand base  plesea Freeze hero  .... i said no zerith

chat game

26:30Zerith for

26:32Zerith its farming

26:36Zerith not close to anyone

are feeding game pigi01 1 kill - Dead 19 !  are friend  zerith gold !!!!!!! noting voteaza vk kick not zerith

i do not understand .....

30:16Soul_Reaver_II !vk pigi
30:16Bot A votekick against player [pigi01] has been started by player [Soul_Reaver_II]. 1 votes are needed within 60 seconds to pass.
30:16Bot Type !yes to vote.
30:18Soul_Reaver_II !y]
30:34Soul_Reaver_II for feed
30:36Soul_Reaver_II type !y
30:50Soul_Reaver_II HEY
30:56Soul_Reaver_II ok forum report
P.S.I style_ro
nu am inteleg ce faci jucam farm leaver deci
am zis stai baza e foame gold zerith prostare deci
style_ro nu inteleg se uite Rules nou am zis  freeze hero block yes farm
games ingame voteza unlike fericit bafta


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  • 1 month later...

ozealat ! ADMIN


Motiv : game Leaver ...

talk Circle Frezzen tpoh  ozealat NO

my !m soul are stupid GET OUT ozealat



and flame admin

04:50ozealat stfu idiiot

29:44Soul_Reaver_II OK
29:47Soul_Reaver_II report game leaver
29:56ozealat !mute soul
44:43ozealat u idiot
44:50ozealat u the tank with disable
44:54ozealat noob

look ozealat what disable  tpoh game FEEDLING




Edited by Soul_Reaver_II
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  • 2 weeks later...

banned notoriosnoob

are no mh notoriosnoob saurixor  are skill blood DONE !

Reson: Type !Rmk Voteaza Notoriosnoob NO RMK ! Are play game 3 vs 2 Time 3 minute !!!

05:56Soul_Reaver_II Type all !rmk Now

06:12Bot Player [saurixor] wants to RMK. Counting RMK votes: 3/4

06:44Soul_Reaver_II TYPE RMK NOToriosnoob
07:03Soul_Reaver_II NOW TYPE RMK
07:10Soul_Reaver_II 3 vs 2 3 minute
07:12Soul_Reaver_II Forum rules
07:14satan206 killed saurixor
07:44Soul_Reaver_II hey ingamero type !rmk are noting nick : notoriosnoob
08:02notoriosnoob rmk
08:09Soul_Reaver_II TYPE !RMK
08:13notoriosnoob rmk


are fake RMK TYPE !RMK

P.S.I Styler or flyinganel    

So RMK not play it?omg

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  • 1 month later...
On 14/10/2015 at 11:39 AM, styla said:

This post was splited from topic Unban IMBA legends players and contains reported players.

really dont have time to see replays for any player, if u do print screens/video from replay, i will do the right decision!

outrageous lie.... he doesnt do any "right" decision... he just hears someone cry like a bitch and bans the good players....

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  • Administrators

For your information, always i check the replay before I ban a regular player for 6 months (3 months are bonus). So, what I saw in the replay ?

Futak start a VK to take his items because he had greed+whrath and full items. 

You were irritated by his 'repatriation' spell and cannot push. Rule_breaker have the same opinion like you about his spell.

Then Futak start a second VK to take his items, after Courage and Notoriousnoob destroyed top and bottom rax's. You voted 'y' and suggested to rule_breaker for kick.

This is what i call 'cheap diversion'. Now you spread shit in chat and forum. 

Your problem is that you think you too smart and probable you are surrounded by fools in your environment. But here,  Is not like that, in my opinion you are normal, like me and others.




P.S. Bonus is for FTP ;)

PS2. I dont ban futak because he vk all the time,all players, but rule_breaker (Ashy) will have a surprise.

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