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Players abuses.


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Here you can report players when they abuse bugs/rules.
Please provide the game link and a screen or a video(from replay) if you have.

Posting a game replay is not a good ideea because req time to see all of them

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@KGZ.Relax  Please provide a link to a game/screenshot as well as replay.

requesting to ban kemoceng for keeping to play anti hero, even after we asked him to go back, he kept pushing and finished the game. IElite tried really hard, but since there was no admin, votekick was unsuccessful! he even told him that he might get perma ban but he didnt care... Abusing rules and taking advantage of it while no admin was present. Posting this request on behalf oh ielite... :)

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You can always make me admin. Im sure both Revex and Dreamseeka would vouch. I know Dreamseeka already recommend me for admin and willing to spend 30min odd a day to check for player abuse and I tend to play odd over when other admins aren't online.

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On 2/14/2016 at 2:24 PM, Zerith said:

hello i was play whit GCX02D at IMBAlod 867 +1, he was broke a rule, use OP on range hero (Huskar ) and he still play and say thats he was admin, than can do that. and him team support him. can banned him ???



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Reson : Report admin >> hASSAn1 <<





07:58hASSAn1 report uself idiot

07:19ady_dota !vk hassan1
07:23ady_dota !vk has
07:31ady_dota LIKE
07:35hASSAn1 hahah
07:37ady_dota Post REPORT
07:38ady_dota Admin
07:45hASSAn1 no kick bones and kick me&


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hello fellow roleplayer above me , i just spended 3 min of my valubale sunday to coppy psata you the rules

update:  Added rule 21.

Banned combos:

1. Moon glaive/Overpower + Void bash/Weaver geminate
2. Medusa splitshot + any bugged HP metamorphose skill (lycan for example)
3. Maledict + Liquid fire 
4. Medusa split/Troll dazzling axes/Pudge root + Lina/Earth passive
and any other combo which doesn't need mana.
5. Charge + Overpower
6. Using Storm ulti to interupt line while enemy is pushing
7. Antibuffer player will be kicked. Read detection at end of the post.
8. Over power (ursa) is allowed only for melee heroes. but it's allowed to pick any skills, like
medusa split, davion ulti, sniper/lanaya incr. range, aiusha ulti
9. Bottle + zealot buf
10. Leshrac ulti + zealot buf + lina/tauren passive 

if you cant find it have a look at N° 8


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BaroPMea, pilims, GOMOSYATINA69 banned for not voting. Rest of people in game did vote including bloodmoon2. Don't know why you tried to single him/her out. Please in the future be courteous to the other people in the game who are playing fairly and trying. 

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